Welcome to our Academic Community

The Dearborn Academy, in collaboration with the community, parents, and board members, believes that all students can achieve academic success.

Our district is a Pre-K through 8th Grade school that is uniquely enriched by the significant diversity within the population. We believe that our district’s responsibility is to provide a quality education enabling students to progress toward their maximum potential. We differentiate instruction to support students’ academic, social, and personal



Providing A Well-Rounded Education & Development

As an emerging professional learning community, The Dearborn Academy is dedicated to taking a proactive stance in the education of its students. The academy places a strong emphasis on the end result, focusing on the intellectual growth of every student under its care.

21 st CCLC

The 21st CCLC grant in Michigan is a pivotal initiative aimed at expanding educational horizons beyond traditional school hours.


The GSRP in Michigan is a vital early childhood education initiative designed to provide high-quality preschool experiences for eligible four-year-old children.


The ESL program at the academy is a dedicated initiative designed to support students who are learning English as an additional language.

Martial Arts

The Martial Arts program for K-5 students offers a unique opportunity for holistic development, combining physical activity with mental discipline and character-building elements.


The Soccer program for 6th-8th grade students offers an exciting avenue for physical activity, teamwork, and skill development.

Summer Program

TDA offers extensive ELA and Math support. Teaming up with Ally Learning, they provide enrichment activities with STEM projects. It is an enjoyable educational experience that fosters growth and learning.